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BFF Half Heart Necklace Set

BFF Half Heart Necklace Set

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Introducing the BFF Half Heart Necklace Set

Cherish the beautiful bond of friendship with our BFF Half Heart Necklace Set. Designed as a symbol of the unbreakable connection between best friends, this set features two complementary pendants that, when united, form a complete heart. One pendant is crafted from stainless steel with the word "Best," and the other from stainless steel with an 18K gold plating, bearing the word "Friends."


Quality and Style:

Superior Materials: The "Best" pendant is made from robust stainless steel, while the "Friends" pendant boasts an elegant 18K gold plating, offering both durability and style.

Adjustable Chain: Each necklace comes with a 17.7" - 21.7" adjustable stainless steel cable chain, ensuring a comfortable and customizable fit.

Secure Attachment: A lobster clasp attachment provides a reliable and easy-to-use closure, keeping your necklace safe and in place.

Customizable Message Card: Accompanying each set is a semi-glossy 300gsm paper message card, available for personalization with a message on both the front and back, making this set a truly heartfelt gift.

Elegant Packaging: Choose from three sophisticated box options to enhance the gifting experience:

LED Box: A luxurious glossy glulam wood box with PU leather inside and an automatic built-in LED light for a dramatic reveal.

Textured Magnetic Box: A modern and stylish two-tone magnetic box made of paper, featuring a plush velvet and sponge interior.

Brown PU Leather Box: A classic and refined option, with both the inside and outside crafted from soft, elegant PU leather.


Care and Durability:

Tarnish Resistant: Both pendants are designed to resist tarnishing, ensuring they maintain their shine and beauty over time, just like your friendship.

Maintenance: Simple care instructions include wiping off any dust or dirt using a dry, clean cloth and avoiding storage in humid environments.


Size Guide:

  Brown PU Leather Box LED Box Textured Magnetic Box
Box height, in 1.50 1.57 1.65
Box width, in 3.54 3.94 3.54
Box length, in 3.54 3.94 3.54
Single pendant height, in 0.98 0.98 0.98
Single pendant width, in 0.55 0.55 0.55
Chain length (min), in 17.70 17.70 17.70
Chain length (max), in 21.70 21.70 21.70


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